In 2011, National Geographic awarded the Muskoka Region as the best place to visit during the summer months. There’s plenty of reasons why Cottage Country deserves this accolade. Muskoka attracts over two million visitors every year.

The wilderness is a Canadian treasure and the fresh waterways are the pride and joy of the Muskoka Region. Celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Hanks all own private retreats where they can kick back and enjoy the natural majesty of summer in Ontario’s Cottage Country. Ask any local and they’ll tell you that the only way to spend a hot day is on a boat exploring one of the 2000 lakes in the area.

Thousands of Islands

These lakes cover over 14,000 kilometers of shoreline with a spectacle of rivers, bays, shoreline, and beautiful waterfalls. Paddle, canoe, or boat off to the Muskoka Lake Waterfall capital in Bracebridge which is easily accessible by boat. Visitors can find boat rental facilities all along the historic villages and marinas.

The most memorable way to explore Muskoka’s biggest lakes (Muskoka, Joseph, and Rosseau) is by boat. Glide along the preserved fresh waterways with an affordable boat rental. Keep an eye out for deer, wolves, black bears, foxes, loons. beavers, blue heron, and a myriad of different wild animals.

There are almost 9000 miles of shoreline in Muskoka where 17 historic and unique villages and towns make for the perfect day out. In the east, the magnificent Algonquin Provincial Park greets amateur and experienced boat enthusiasts underneath the towering granite peaks. In the west, the Georgian Bay National Park provides boat tourists the opportunity to explore over 30,000 islands.

Unwind, Unplug, and Get on the Boat!

The region of Muskoka is an affordable area to begin learning how to navigate the expanse of fresh waterways in Ontario. Boating is the most popular sport in Muskoka whether it be on a yacht, pontoon, cabin cruiser, powerboat, canoe, or fishing boat, there’s plenty of crystal clear water to help you get started in developing your own love of the water.

Canadians love their wild waters and with the help of the Muskoka Conservancy and the Friends of Algonquin, they protect the natural and man-made treasures of the area. In Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay there are thousands of islands to explore, particularly around Lake Couchiching which is the heart of Cottage Country.

Visitors over the age of 21 will find marinas where they can easily obtain a boat rental. Marinas in the bigger towns often have a wide selection of boat types for rent. Keep an eye out for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell along the Muskoka Highlands where they’ve been frequently spotted during the summer months.

Boat Versus Car

The Muskoka Region is best explored by boat. The calm, crystal waters of the area offer plenty of chances to see wildlife from a safe distance, yet close enough to see them in great detail. A boat circumvents rush hour traffic, road construction, and most importantly avoid stress.

The sailing of any type of boat: fishing, speedboat, runabouts, pontoons, cabin cruiser boats, are easily mastered on the gentle waters of Muskoka. There’s an expansive selection of marinas in Muskoka where responsible adults can easily master the skills necessary for a safe and relaxing day out on a boat.

Muskoka, Ontario is a place where you and your loved ones can truly make memories away from the distractions and stresses of the modern world. Why not plan a trip to Cottage Country this summer? Find your sea legs on the fresh waterways of Ontario and treat yourself to a lovely day on a boat with a quick and easy boat rental.